Model Diaries

New Year, New Agency

I initially thought that the reason why I wasn’t being called to any castings was because I wasn’t trying hard enough and posting enough on social media but now I realize that I was just working with a really shitty agency that wasn’t taking my career seriously. 

Most creatives, particularly women are models at some point in their lives. It’s something we want to do when we’re still young, but it’s ridiculous how many of us drop out of it all because we can’t signed to an agency or aren’t being taken seriously by our agencies. 

I was “fortunate” enough to get signed by an agency. One of the biggest agencies in Africa actually but I’ve been with them for three years and haven’t gotten a single job. In fact I’ve had to talk to other models to alert about potential castings because I wasn’t getting any alerts from my alerts. 

I thought being active more social media would make them perk up but it seems that they have their set favorites. The ridiculous thing is even I’ve been basically finding my own jobs and opportunities they want of every job I do even those that they didn’t find. That’s ridiculous. 

On top of that they pay my money three months after a client has paid. I understand it’s to make money circulate in business so that it remains liquid but that’s something I only can understand when they’re making an effort to book me.

Lu Sierra left a huge agency in New York when they didn’t take her seriously and moved France. Now she coaches the best models in the world and Miss Universe. If she hadn’t taken the step to shove it up the New York agency’s she wouldn’t be where she is now. 

So I’m leaving the useless entity and encouraging other models and creatives to only with people and companies that take you seriously.

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