Social Media and Networking

I Have Jumped on the Clubhouse Wagon

There’s this beta app for iPhones that came out a few months ago called Clubhouse that is basically making everyone go ballistic trying to get into it. The catch with this social media platform is that you’re only allowed in if you get an invite and it’s audio-only.

The exclusivity of the entire thing has people wanting to get in so badly. I know I spent three good days trying to find an invite before I actually got one. But I think it’s perfect for people that want to network and push their careers and businesses to the next level.

I mean I’m recent news a woman who had spent $25,000 on her business without it wielding any sales told her network on Clubhouse about it and her network pitched in and bought all her goods!

I think it’s best to use it now while it’s still exclusive as the more people the harder it’ll be to reach those top clients. I’m going to use is to boost my creative career of course! So a-Clubhousing I go!

P.S: Ow and if you’re wondering what my Clubhouse account is and want to join my network, it’s @tanatswaforever

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