Engaged…as in to be Married

I have been catching up on the series Grownish that I have a love-hate, mostly hate relationship with. In episode 9 Luca says this when Jillian tells him that she was engaged the year before.

It reminded me about the nature of relationships in the creative industry. A lot of people in the creative industry have similar experiences with relationships regardless of where they come from.

Being female and identifying as female I guess I can only cleanly speak from a female perspective. And being someone that used to identify as a queer I guess I can offer some insight into female to female relationships. And I can give some insight into what relationships are like for men in the creative industry from having talked to numerous men extensively on the subject( although that insight should be taken with a grain of salt and I won’t go into this too much.)

The creative career…actually careers in general affect every aspect of our lives. So I’m going to go into a bit of general information about relationships with men in the creative industry for now.

Honestly all other things being equal I wouldn’t want to be in a relationship with a man in the creative industry. Majority of them are for the streets.

I hate to throw my creative brothers under the bus but majority of them are playing with girl’s (or guys or others) hearts and not being serious. I remember one particular guy who was trying to make a sexual advances to me telling me that he doesn’t take girls on dates because there are models who throw themselves all over him.

Regardless of what your perspectives on relationships and sex are whether conservative or liberal or whatever, his response was hella rude. And these stories from men in the creative industry whether filmmakers, painters, dancers, models (don’t get me started on models) many women have come together to complain about these things.

Which is frustrating because the creative industry prides itself in being an open place for open minded people where people can be themselves. Ironically though there are also circles that promote that hedonism is the only way for a creative and shun those who portray any traditional or conservative values.

Which may be a reason why many men in the creative industry shun things like marriage, want purely sexual relationships etc. And I’m not by any means saying that they’re all like that but the ones that are seem to be the ones making the loudest noise and biggest impact.

That’s just one side of the coin though and tomorrow I’ll explore another side of this very long and extensive topic.

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