Honestly Though…

I’ve officially been diagnosed with ADHD. Yes, I went to a licensed therapist and she confirmed that there’s no doubt that I have ADHD. She asked me a lot of other questions as well including things pertaining to OCD and temper issues. Of which I’m not a bad-tempered person unless I’m pushed to my limit. But after taking a test it seems that I not only have ADHD, Autism, OCD, Anxiety, ODD, SPD and Tourette Syndrome. Like did I just hit the jackpot of mental illness? What is wrong…no let me try to change that…what is different…ow screw this. What is wrong with me?

I’ve had some time to process the entire thing. I feel like I’m in a much better space and more understanding of myself. Am I part of that one percent of the population that’s mentally messed up? Or am I messed up and the world doesn’t know how to adjust itself yet to deal with people like me. Or maybe there’s just not a place in this world yet for people like me.

To be honest I’m still in the denial stage of grief but I’ve been through grief so many times that it’s easy to identify this. At this moment in life I have goals that I need to achieve and I have had enough grief to not let it get in my way of moving forward in life.

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