Alex Reid from Rania Like My Instagram Photo

If you’re into kpop and a woman of color then you probably know Alex Reid as being the first black kpop idol when she joined the not defunct kpop group Rania.

I’ve been a kpop fan for more than a decade. Many people started to pay attention to kpop when the song “Gangnam Style” came out but I wasn’t one of those. Actually I never really liked the song. I was listening to Super Junior at least two years before Psy became a thing. My favorite song was “Victory Korea”. If I’m going to go there I was a fan of BTS when they were still Bulletproof Boyscouts and Jimin was feeling shy about having to lift his shirt in “No More Dream”.

So yes, I’ve been a fangirl for a long time. Way before the hype. My point is that being a kpop fan I probably entertained the dream that I’d one say possibly try my hand in it…until I realized how much they make…but that’s another story for another day. But one of the best things in life is being able to live vicariously through other people. Enter Alexandra Reid.

Alex Reid was considered the first black kpop star. She was once the leader of RaNia and I loved their song “Demonstrate” and “Dr. Feel Good”. Obviously if you know any of the news, Alex didn’t have the best experience with RaNia, but she broke down a barrier that many people thought was unscalable.

I don’t even know how she found my picture on Instagram but she liked it. I believe in signs from God and I can’t help but feel that it’s a thumbs up from the Lord that this is the career that’s for me…not being a kpop star but the creative vision that I have. I’ve had dreams about this in the past which I may talk about in later posts but right now I’m realizing that the Lord has allowed me to go through so much trying to establish my creative career for a reason. I’m beginning to see that more clearly than ever right now and I believe that. The irony of the entire thing is that I don’t even follow Alex Reid on Instagram and have never really looked at her page so it is a pure miracle (I don’t believe in coincidences) and I believe in signs.

What I’m learning is not to be bitter about previous experiences and keep moving forward and use my experiences to fuel my stories.

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