Can someone walk with me…

I suspected years ago that I had autism but when I consulted a therapist they told me that there was no chance that I was on the spectrum because I was well-spoken, could look people in the eye and was intelligent. Of course I didn’t fit the cookie cutter mold for what autism looked like.

It’s only now that many more people are receiving diagnosis because of autistic people speaking out and allowing people to understand that cognitive difference (I hate saying mental illness) comes in many different shapes and forms.

Honestly I don’t know how to deal with this and this also coincides the the release of the movie “Music” which managed to offend me within three minutes of filming without blood, gore or words (way to go Sia😑). The depiction of an autistic girl was terrible and honestly why many people go for possibly their entire lives without being diagnosed.

Honestly I don’t know where to go right now besides my therapist but I need someone I can talk to and who can understand… how is it possible that I have ADHD and autism? Why do I have a plethora of cognitive differences? What’s up with my brain? Should I study neuroscience to try and get more research done for more understanding for people like me…

Anybody want to walk with me through this?

2 thoughts on “Can someone walk with me…”

  1. No answers here, just can totally understand. Different schools of therapy have different approaches to patients, and I believe that it should be perfectly normal that our society has trained professionals when we seek answers in life and just want to be better, not just in times of crisis.

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    1. I actually found a support group on Facebook that’s really been awesome in helping address issues on neurodiversity. I’m still looking for a therapist that suits my needs though but my fingers are crossed!


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