Daniel isn’t Real…a real weird movie

I’m not a fan of the horror genre, mostly because I like to have a peaceful nights sleep. I know that that sounds weird considering that a few or should I say a lot of the stories that I write are dark but it’s true, I don’t really like horror. I like happy endings.

The acting in this horror though was a tier above other horror which made it more watchable and I suppose that can be accredited to having chosen good actors for the film. There was Miles Robbins who I’d like to call B-list Cole Sprouse and really throughout the movie I kept checking if his name was a pseudonym for Cole Sprouse, but he’s famous in his mother’s right because he’s Susan Sarandon son (the original Janet from the Rocky Horro Picture Show) and also features Patrick Schwarzenegger (I don’t need to tell you who his parent is. They didn’t just ride off the fame of their parents though and were pretty decent actors in this.

The story itself is a bit archaic and falls into the misrepresenting mental illness niche again. Daniel played by Schwarzenegger is Luke’s played by Miles Robbins “imaginary friend” who I never really understand whether he’s an imaginary friend or demon. Perhaps it’s left to interpretation. The concept is one that’s been overused and the story strikes me as unoriginal.

The most interesting thing about the movie though would I say have to be Cole Sprouse’s clone who made me wonder if I was in Riverdale half of the movie and Sasha Lane who made me wonder if I was in “The Miseducation of Cameron Post”. The fact that I was envisioning other movies made me realize that while the movie was not bad, it wasn’t really enough to maintain my attention.

Which is sad because I’d like to see more of the rip off Cole Sprouse. Too bad his character dies in the end. Honestly at this point you should know not to read my blog if you don’t want spoilers. Ciao!

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