Wots on Your Mind Podcast

The Podcast Has Finally Started

If I’m going to be completely honest the only reason that the podcast took this long to come out was because I was afraid. I was afraid that I didn’t have the skills in order to carry out with it and let that make me lethargic. I used every reason in the book to try and avoid it. I had people offer me to help produce the podcast, but found other excuses, I got a good phone that allows me to record a podcast and I found another reason not to start it. I got a full recording system and used the excuse that I didn’t really know how to use it. I got a laptop and found another excuse. And soon I found myself once again being the King of Excuse Mountain. No one could conquer my throne.

I was telling people left, right and centre that the podcast was coming out but never really took the action to make it come out…wow that sounded a lot like a tough poop…But back to my confessional. So I decided today to finally do it using anchor fm and realised that it was a lot easier than I thought it was. Obviously it’s not BBC level professional and definitely amateurish since well basically I’m still quite an amateur in this game but since I’ve started it, I feel a heavy weight off my chest. The fears that it would turn out terrible are gone and the need to want a perfect product while I’m still learning is also gone. I’ll get better as I continue to learn.


Hope you enjoy the “Wots on Your Mind?” Podcast!

This picture is a representation of how I feel today…I don’t get it either but it’s a legitimate feeling.

2 thoughts on “The Podcast Has Finally Started”

  1. Tanatswa,

    I miss your blogs girl!

    You are very talented at writing and expressing yourself, and I appreciate your unique voice. You have a very special gift and I hope you cultivate it (I believe in you!)

    I love your love for learning, your talent, your bravery, and your courage to try out new things.
    I would love to see you one day, like Lu Sierra, rise above despair and move to a place where you’re wanted, appreciated, and thriving.

    It takes a lot of strength, but I do hope to see you try, and keep at it! Don’t let despair define you, RISE ABOVE IT.

    I miss your posts x

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    1. 😭😭😭😭I was literally feeling so discouraged and you made my day♥️🌺 I’ll be uploading soon♥️♥️♥️


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