Tanatswa on the Move

Taking a Leap of Faith

Being a creative is a roller coaster of a career. And also filled with uncertainty and disbelief. So I’m taking a leap of faith and choosing creativity again.

I’ve come to realize that life isn’t about one choice. It’s about making the same choice again and again and again. Being a creative there are always things distracting me. Things like a better career, better opportunities, discouragement from people who don’t perceive it as a real career etc and I’ve found that since I made the choice I have to make it again and again. And I’ve found this is not just about being a creative. This is also about life. If you’re religious you realize that you have to choose you’re religion over and over again. If you’re vegetarian you realize that you need to choose to eat vegetarian diet every time you sit down to a meal. Every few months, years or sometimes days I have to make the decision to stay a creative.

That also means making decisions that are best for the path that I’ve chosen. One of the things I’ve realized have been holding me back creatively is the place that I’m currently living. I know this is ironic coming from the person who mentions Lu Sierra moving to further her career but for a while I stuck to a sort of blind optimism that ails many Zimbabweans where I thought the industry was going somewhere. After a lot of introspection and realizing that my loyalty lies to myself more than to a country that’s honestly not improving I’ve decided to move for my career.

Being in Zim forced me to take up multiple gigs in order to stay afloat financially that deterred me from concentrating on what I’m actually passionate about and what to build. And I really wanted to make it work but I realized that I’m just burned out and discouraged most time. So I’m moving. My final destination I know, but I’m working to raising enough money to move because things like visas and higher costs of living.

So I’ll keep my final destination a secret for now as I don’t want to jinx it but trust the process and I’ll keep y’all updated😘

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