life as a creative

Doing Things That Make Me Happy and Healthy as I Move Forward

There is a verse that says “money answereth all things” but also another verse that says “the love of money is the root of all evil”. Which may seem like a contradiction but it just proves that two things which seems to completely oppose each other can coexist peacefully and both be equally right.

I’ll always stand by the fact that creatives need to make money in order to sustain our art but I’m also realizing that we need to balance it out so that we don’t lose that creative spark that much.

It’s well known that too much capitalism can destroy our creative verve. So I’m making the conscious decision to officially shut down a business I was pursuing and doing more things like going on reface app and vicariously pretending I was the lead in Queen’s Gambit through the Reface app.

People talk about starting a business this and starting a business that, but don’t get into the real details of how time consuming and draining it is. And if you’re doing it to make money in a field you’re not truly passionate about it can be a hassle. As much as I’d like to think I’m a Donald Trump sort of businesswoman who takes delight in the deal…I honestly don’t.

I take delight in the simple things in life such as long walks going nowhere, taking naps, reading Webtoons and exchanging flirtatious looks with people I like. I don’t like hustle culture. I’m face we work to live not live to work in a functional world.

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