Afro ADHD: I Routinely Lose My Phone in My Hand

*Afro ADHD is a series I’m starting telling my story of having adult ADHD as an African girl*

It was a Saturday skateboard season with the local skate group. I was learning to skate because I liked skateboarding and had dreams of possibly becoming a pro-skater, also because a lot of the boys in the skate group were cute guys😬. I’m a writer. I dream of being everything at some point in my life.

That day one of the skateboarders there wanted to try weed for the first time so I veteran pothead in the group had brought some for him. They decided to smoke after our skate session. The first-timer started to act weird after ten minutes so we made sure that he didn’t get on his skateboard again and break a bone while high.

When we were packing our stuff to go, the first-timer started to frantically look all over the skatepark for his phone. We all decided to help him look for his phone. Thirty minutes later he found it in his pocket🤷🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️.

Ironically what happened to him when he was high is what routinely happens to me…when I’m not high. And I don’t lose my phone in my pocket…I lose it in my hand. I’m not kidding. Once a week usually I go into a frenzy searching for my phone while I’m holding it.

At this point, if people see me do this they just hold the hand holding my phone up to me and give me a nonchalant look. There was a time when I had a phone that overheated all the time so I would put it in the freezer to cool down.

For the next two hours, I frantically looked all over for my phone. I was going paranoid thinking someone had snuck into my house and stolen my phone. Considering that my house is is on a large field and quite isolated there was a small chance of that.

Eventually, I got hot and tired from being frantic and decided to get a freezie from my fridge when I found my phone on top of the freezie.

I suppose I can say that I’m so awesome that some sdhus that people do high I can do when I’m stone-cold sober 💀

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