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It’s Never too Late to Be the You Your Younger Self Dreamed of Becoming

Photo is of Amberlicious. A beauty and lifestyle content creator based in Gqeberha in South Africa.

Purple Palace is one of my biggest inspirations. Being a creative based in Paris and going through a divorce is not easy yet she shows me in her videos what its like to have calm in the midst of a storm.

I’m a big advocate against toxic positivity because it doesn’t help people really and inevitably causes people to deny their negative emotions and feel bad for having them. Shayna (aka Purple Palace) manages to honestly convey the good and bad times of her life with a positive tone that doesn’t make a person feel bad for feeling whatever they’re feeling about a situation.

One of the most inspirational things she ever said was “it’s never too late to be the you your younger self dreamed of”. With all the noise of learning to adult in one’s twenties it’s so easy to lose sight of the vision with each new trial, relationship, job, opportunity that comes our way. We forget about that little child that dreams and still dreams.

Then we wonder why we are weighed down by a sense of lost purpose leading and spiraling down into depression and anxiety. Our subconscious riddled with guilt but not knowing what’s the root cause of it.

The older I get the more I understand about myself, my life and it’s purpose. The further I stray from that the farther I feel from my life’s purpose. And the closet I am to it the more I feel at peace.

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