In the town square somewhere far,far away where the rules of the normal world don’t apply. Considering whatever normal is to begin with. There was a statue right in the middle of the town that everyone adored. The statue was made of pure marble so smooth and hard that it was a sign of strength and purity.

The statue was everyone’s biggest comforter and confidante. When a girl drunkenly collapsed on the statue after being dumped by her boyfriend who wanted her sister instead, she cried to the statue. In the morning she felt the weight of the pain had been lifted and her ex-boyfriend and sister had been arrested for drunk driving and drug possession. When a man found out that the company that he had dedicated thirty years of his life to was about to fire him to avoiding giving him a retirement package, he wept to the statue and the manager planning the entire thing has a heart attack.

People believed in the strength of the statue. That it would always be there for their tears. And so did Marybeth believe as she went to the statue to deal with her fears of moving abroad for school. She spoke to the statue and as she spoke it began to rain and a crack appeared on the statue. And the crack widened as she watched. The crack spread to the rest of the statue and the marble started to break down. Beneath the marble came out a girl with cracked and burnt skin.

The people seeing what had become of their statue turned away from it in scorn. They could not believe that the pitiful creature before them had been inside their beloved statue. So the girl walked away from the town and to an ocean nearby where a mermaid saw her cracked skin and sad eyes and took pity on her.

The girl collapsed by the ocean ready to die as the weight of everything fell on her, but the mermaid raised up the water and healed her many wounds and scars. The girl was emerged in the ocean for days until all her scars were healed. She arose after two weeks and thanked the mermaid. When she opened her mouth to thank the mermaid gold and marble came out and built a palace for the mermaid in her ocean. And the beauty of the palace drew other mermaids around. Before they had been solitary creatures but the beauty of the palace drew them together.

When the people of the town saw the beauty of the palace they asked the mermaid how she had achieved it. The mermaid directed them to the girl. When they sought the girl they found out that she was no longer in the world. She had ridden a star to Celestia where only divine creatures could live. She had been an angel who had fallen when the essence of evil had attacked her and made her fall from the heavens.

Day and night the people of the town implored for her but their cries no longer reached her. When they realized that she would not answer their cries they attacked the palace of the mermaid in a jealous rage. Believing the mermaids had taken their rightful gift from the angel. The angel saw the townspeople prepare to set the palace on fire and used her power to move the merpeople to the middle of the ocean where a great wave protected them that drowned any boat that tried to enter.

The palace was now out of the reach of the townspeople. So they returned to their town and started wars and fights over who’s fault it was that…well they couldn’t explain what they were angry about but it did not stop them from fighting and eventually the people of the town all departed in different directions where they all had different versions of a story that they could no longer really remember.

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