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A Gentle Re-direction

Sharks of Durban

I believe that when I’m headed in the wrong direction I’m redirected accordingly. Sometimes things happen to make sure that you don’t go in a certain direction. I used to be the type to force things when they are not headed anywhere. And each and every time I would suffer the repercussions of trying to pursue something that’s not working out.

As I mentioned before I had decided to leave Zimbabwe because I felt my career stagnating here. But recently I was offered something that aligns specifically with my goals in Zimbabwe. The country I had been planning to move to this month actually went into lockdown which paused my travel plans. Oh yeah, let me mention that the country I was talking about is South Africa which is currently suffering violent protests and looting which will lead to higher crime and unemployment in the future. This all aligned to give me the message that I shouldn’t go there.

That doesn’t mean that I’m staying in Zimbabwe though. Just means that I’m here for awhile longer as I make plans to move somewhere else which will be revealed in the future. I was planning to go to this particular place after staying in South Africa for awhile anyway so it’s just a sign for me that I was meant to go there instead of spending some time in South Africa.

Creativity for me is about flow and when things are flowing that means that I’m moving in the right direction. When things aren’t flowing it’s a sign that I’m not meant to be there. By flow I don’t mean that there’s no opposition but instead circumstances align themselves in such a way that keep sending you the message that you shouldn’t pursue that.

3 thoughts on “A Gentle Re-direction”

  1. I love it too which is why it’s hard to leave for anyone, but sometimes you want to see what makes your career move forward for awhile. And there are those “dry” seasons of no work in the creative industry that can leave you really depressed.


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