life as a creative

Not continuing the podcast

Lately my writing has really been paying off and I’ve had a strong sense of “Que sera sera”. What ever will be will be. Life itself will direct me where it will lead me and I should stop resisting. Wotsonyourmind has been steadily growing and allowing me a platform to express myself as a creative. I’ve spent too much energy on other platforms that honestly feel like too much effort to keep up. 

I know that for some this lackadaisical attitude is rather crude and arguably very privileged, but I’m beginning to really see that for almost a decade now I’ve been pushed towards writing. From high school entering a competition and winning my category to the point that I was first and there was no second and third place. It’s something that I’m proud of even until now which is a rather bad reflection of my current achievements but writing has always flowed for me. It’s not something I’m coerced or forced to do. 

But besides being discouraged from being a creative. I fell for the polar opposite which is being too much of a creative. There’s a running joke in the entertainment industry in Southern Africa that who never know what a creative really is. They’re not just an actor but they’re a business person, own a wine farm, have a thousand foundation, a shoe shop, radio presenter, etc basically the creative industry’s form of hustling. Classically they used to say “jack-all-trades, but master of none”. Of course there’s nothing wrong with being multi-talented. But very few people are able to do it without it being harmful to how well they do in that craft. And honestly me ignoring where my strength naturally is quite brain-dead because life always takes me back to penmanship (or should I say writemanship). I’m allowing myself the time to fully concentrate on writing and developing my writing skills. The prospect is actually exciting and not daunting.

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