Delarofa Esquitalia

Delarofa Esquitalia

It’s something that just flows from the minds of men and enters the world. Which is why it must be contained. For the minds of men are not always pure, just and worthy. Perpetual selfishness, lack of empathy, the belief that the pain and frustration of others is irrelevant if we meet our own goals. There’s a platitude that matches this universal attitude. “The end justifies the means”.

Men when left to their own devices reap destruction. We left the North Korean dictators up to their devices for so long. We thought it was enough to help the few that escaped the savagery until the savagery reached us. We had no idea that the extent of how the dictatorship had planned to not control North Korea but Earth. And the perfect opportunity came when the first children with gifts were born in North Korea. No expected the full-out war that subdued the entire world that ensued. All the continents were quickly overtaken by creatures many believed weren’t human that were smarter and had abilities that normal humans didn’t have. The worst part was that these special humans weren’t easy to kill. When shot with a normal bullet or stabbed with knives and daggers they remained uninjured, regenerating quickly in the area that they had been attacked. 

These gifted humans had begun to appear all around the world but other governments of the world had restrained them and kept them out of the world to “research them”. When eventually they were released to counter the North Koreans they were too weak and ill-equipped. Those who did not die turned sides. The ones that they were fighting for had held them in captivity anyway, they felt a greater sense of safety from those who were meant to be their enemies. 

In desperation America launched a nuclear bomb in the heart of Pyongyang where the highest number of  special humans were located. And everyone died…except the creatures that they wanted to destroy. The reign of the North Korea dictatorship ended…for the rise of creatures the world did not know how to deal with.

And now that they had no leader, they did what they wanted…with the entire world.

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