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The Mystery Location Revealed

Well, things have never worked for me by keeping them secret because I end up losing the motivation to pursue what I’m doing when I don’t have anyone asking me to follow through. That’s what I did when I moved to Cape Town, people didn’t expect me to just up and leave when I told them I planned to go but I went against all odds. And this blog is my safe space as I pursue my career as a creative.

I’m planning to move to Strasbourg in France. It’s a city that’s walking distance to Germany and also has a vibrant international community. Paris is amazing but I know I’m not a big city girl, I thrive in areas where there’s a balance of the modern and nature. Strasbourg is close to lakes and mountains and culture which suits me perfectly. And it’s only two hours away by train from Paris. Trains are my favorite mode of transport wherever they’re available which makes the city even more appealing. I don’t mind being on a train for hours and I love train food. Being in the heart of Europe as well I can travel by train to any city in Europe. I’m an efficient public transport junkie.

The best thing is that it’s a reasonably priced city for Thr quality of life offered. Although it doesn’t offer as much as Paris at least I won’t have to be cramped in a chambre de bain and can get a one-bedroom apartment for the same price in Strasbourg. And the people are rumored to be much friendlier and less bourgeoisie than Parisians.

Petit France in Strasbourg. Isn’t it romantic? France in general is a creative haven.

The only problem is that air travel tends to be a tad more expensive because Strasbourg Airport is often used by business people rather than individuals but the cost of everything else makes up for it especially considering you’ll save a lot on transport as you can almost walk everywhere. I love places where everything is within walking distance.

I wonder if I can swim here

Talking about walking, as I continue to walk through life even with the rough patch I’m going through it’s amazing to see the endless beauty and opportunities that this world offers if you keep your eyes and heart open. That’s one of the joys of life.

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