There’s Not Much Info About Strasbourg

When I decided to move to Strasbourg I was hard bent on finding any information about the city. There are YouTube videos, blogs, Instagrams, etc about Paris to the point that you’d think that’s the only region in France with anything going on. It took my deep-diving Google skills…or should I say stubbornness to find even a handful of helpful information about Strasbourg. I couldn’t find any lifestyle Youtubers from there as I could in Paris. And as any questionably Gen Z (to be honest I’m technically a Zenniel who veers more to the Gen Z side) do you get all your information about how a city is from vloggers. And there are so many Paris vloggers that give you a full picture of how the city is like without ever having visited it. But nothing for anywhere else even the wine region Bordeaux which I find…difficult but that’s also a very big creative opportunity I suppose (look at me giving away free sauce). I mean France is so much more than Paris.

To be fair though when I moved to Cape Town there wasn’t as much information as I needed about the city but because it’s close by to my hometown so if things didn’t work out I could just take the bus or plane back home a very small cost.

But France isn’t so easy. It’s considerably far away and has a system entirely different from Africa. I experience culture shock in Cape Town because it’s so easy to get used to how a city you’ve lived in for years is run. And realistically speaking Cape Town and Harare aren’t so different than the one would expect culture shock but more like culture discomfort. Cape Town is still a very African (even though rather white-washed) city whereas Strasbourg is a very European, very French, also very international city.

International communities are my comfort zone and where I often thrive but the local culture is often something that takes some time to get used to. So I’ll diarize my entire journey about moving to Strasbourg and settling down because honestly, someone has to do it😅.

The famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Strasbourg

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