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Girl Crush: Anya Taylor Joy

One of my spirit animals, Anya Taylor Joy

I’ll admit, I’ve been obsessed with this girl ever since “The Queen’s Gambit”. But the more I’ve got to know her as personally as you can get by reading biographies and profiles the more I fell in love with her. She’s a third culture kid sorta like me except her identity is much more ambiguous. Third culture kids are a large group that’s not talked about much of people who were raised in various places or a place out of their native land so they have a multicultural identity. Think of the Ghanaian Kid raised in India and can eat hella spicy food or the ABC that goes back to China and doesn’t exactly fit in.

There are many different type of third culture kids and one thing that we have in common is that when we return to a land that we are meant to be locals in we often feel unaccepted and alienated because we aren’t local enough but we don’t have the right to be different since we’re not foreigners. To many people that concept is hard to understand. This often leads to bullying and ostracization. Anya ended up leaving school at sixteen to pursue acting but was also pressured by the fact that she experienced bullying at school even being locked in lockers. I remember being bullied at a Christian boarding school once walking up with a rock against my mouth which I ended up licking as I woke up to the laughs of the group of bitches (excuse me, Christian bitches) who had put it there.

It’s weird that I often take inspiration from people younger than me but I always have because sometimes the youthful outlook on life ( gosh I’m only a year older than her and I’m talking like I’m in my forties). What inspires me the most is that Anya was probably struggling for many years to establish her career until she started to star in things like “Split” until her big break in “The Queen’s Gambit”. Her commitment to pursue her art worked out. Which inspires me to keep pushing in my own journey.

I won’t lie, I’ve been bothered by the “Go back to school and get a degree demon” especially living with my mother who constantly complains about my lack of qualifications even though I’m doing rather well career wise with my writing at the moment ( it’s really important to move out and never move back in with your parents especially if you’re African or have strict parents otherwise your growth is stunted).

She’s just so gorgeous 💗

Another thing that I love about her are her looks. She’s gorgeous but you can tell that she’s a bit different. She’s got Waardenburg’s Syndrome which is characterized by hearing problems and often loss of pigmentation which would explain why someone that you’d think would be dark-haired is blonde. One of the characteristics of ADHD is also hearing problems so we both have conditions that affect our hearing but that shouldn’t affect our living.

To top it all off she appeared in the movie Emma starring as Emma Woodhouse. I’m a total Jane Austen junkie ever since I was ten years old and saw the 1995 BBC version with Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehle (she is also one of my girl crushes 😍). One of my dreams was to always act out in a Jane Austen or Austenesque production which will eventually happen😉.

I could actually go on and on about her because she’s “icy, wifey, haters wanna fight me (if they diss her)” and I only have one thing that I’d ever wanna ask her and that’s

Comment if you remember this anime🤣

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