Tanatswa on the Move

I had a dream…

So I had a dream that I was in France with a friend that I couldn’t identify and that we were at a posh but disorganized content creator event. The place was very frilly and pink and pastel. We were seated by big mirrors with loads of makeup and clothes. French influencers that are a part of Souerette Productions we’re walking up and getting prepared. It was at that moment when I realized how rusty my French was. I would greet them and they would give me a smile or just continue what they were doing.

Sulivan Gwed was on of the French influencers in my dream

Then eventually Sundy Jules and Bilal Hassani walked up to us and started to prepare for whatever event was happening. I tried to talk to Bilal in English but got little response until I spoke in French and told them that I really preferred their French songs over their English songs ( “ Je préfère quand tu make des chansons françaises que des chansons anglaises”) and then Bilal seemed to light up and told me that they were just experimenting with something new and seeing how it goes. Weirdly enough my French was terrible in the dream but the French of everyone around me was very fluent and distinct.

Bilal Hassani
Sundy Jules

Sundy Jules was very friendly and spoke English ( omg I sound like Emily in Paris being a snob) and I told him how much I love his YouTube channel and he told me that he used to watch my channel too but I stopped uploading. Which shocked me and he was referencing a video that I had privated. Then while speaking to him the video began to play in reality and it was a vlog I did about being by the beachside and seeing dolphins. Except I was this age and reliving the moment.

The dolphins were coming close to the harbour and interacting with people and there was a dolphin trainer. There were little baby dolphins in the pool by the ocean. I wanted to pet one but accidentally kicked in a plastic bottle instead. I was freaking out because plastic kills a lot of marine life. I tried using a straw to poke the plastic bottle away from the baby dolphins (ironic I know) but a baby dolphins took it and started to play with it but fortunately the trainer saw and took the plastic bottle away from the baby and she handed the bottle back to me. I threw it in the bin. That’s when I woke up.

I’m taking this as a sign that I should start uploading to YouTube again😗

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