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An Alternative to Au Pairing

Many people are skeptical about au pairing for good reason as you probably read in my previous article. But because it’s so cost effective people often choose that route. But realistically you deserve better than a meager non-salary and being overworked. This won’t be a particularly long article but here’s one way that you can move to a country cheaply and have an opportunity to work on the side.

Take Lanaguage Lessons

Language lessons are often cheaply priced or should I say better priced than other things because cheapness is a relative concept. Things targeted at foreigners are always priced higher than what locals consider cheap. But it provides you with an opportunity to travel abroad and be allowed a certain amount of hours to work per week at any job most times except in a few countries where people er…work around the rules.

The beauty of this is that you learn a new skill and experience the culture through language learning without having to answer to a host family or be limited to one type of employment. It’s very possible to make money with menial work that pays more than au pairing and be able to afford accommodation, food and exploring by yourself. Even if you’re living skint to live within in your means it’s much better to be living skint while free rather than living skint in another person’s house.

Many countries in Europe and Asia offer language lessons at very affordable costs if you’re willing to save a few dollars towards it if you’re under a budget.

Check a countries freelance visa options

Freelancing is a viable profession in this day and age and many countries are acknowledging that by creating freelance visas particularly for things like writing, film, art, dance etc. This visa is the most flexible I’ve seen for many countries but it requires you to be a freelancer or creative with a certain amount of income most times. The income requirements are quite low in most cases (except shockingly enough the immigrant-hungry Canada) and once you have the visa you have almost all the rights of a citizen of the country and don’t have to worry about having an hour limit on how long you’re allowed to work per week. The best perk I suppose is that you won’t have to go to school🥳. I mean if you’re not an absolute beginner in a language then language lessons rarely help you become fluent and who likes school and assignments anyway? I like making money and buying myself stuff.

These options may take longer than becoming an au pair but you’ll have more freedom and chance to interact freely. Just so you know though, if you want to become an au pair and that’s your only viable option then go ahead! I just believe in always entering things with eyes wide open and the best way to best a scam is to know all about it. Good luck!

When becoming an au pair keep your eyes wide open unlike here.

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