Strasbourg Diary: Finally Finding Decent Housing

One of the most frustrating things about moving to a new city or country is finding decent housing in a neighborhood that is convenient for you. Airbnb is kind of full of shit. Housinganywhere’s prices were high compared to the accommodation being offered and I didn’t want to be in a situation most foreigners find themselves in when abroad of overpaying for mediocre services. I didn’t want an Airbnb because they’re so unpredictable lately and offer no insurance or real support so might as well get a hotel room. Housing anywhere…well a room going for €700 outside of Paris is ridiculous.


I ended up checking out this site called Jinka to look for housing because it’s where the French looks for accommodation but realized that it’s only useful really if you’re already in the country. I played with staying at an Airbnb for a month while looking for a place on Jinka but I hate moving to new houses in the same city in a short period of time. I always end up losing stuff. Someone should talk about how much moving sucks in adulting lessons. I prefer staying in the same place when I’m in a new city for at least six months. By then I’ll know the city well enough to navigate on my own.

Unfortunately getting housing the French way is very difficult out of the country as they want a French bank account, proof of income that’s two or three times the rent, and ugh…preferably a French person. But with time it’s easy to work any system.


Then today I succumbed to the pressure to watch “Good Trouble” which was always in my recommendations on my phone but for some reason, I never bothered to check out. I thought that since I hadn’t watched “The Fosters” I wouldn’t watch a show that came from it. But checking out “Good Trouble” has been the answer to my problems.

In “Good Trouble” the Adams Foster sisters move to LA and live in a communal house. Which doesn’t seem nice, but it’s the perfect haven for a creative. So I decided to Google communal living in Strasbourg and I came across some sites for co-living in Strasbourg. The first few results were useless until I came across a site in French that provided excellent options for reasonable prices and excellent amenities. And the places so far have been giving me a strong sense of freedom to create.

Loft houses

I guess I’ll be having my own “Good Trouble” story to narrate soon.

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