life as a creative

Bed, breakfast and Macbook

Work in bed and chill

So lately I’ve been spending the entire day in bed with my Macbook and phone. Weirdly enough I’m not in one of my depressive spells, just that my bed is warm and comfy. And lately working in bed has been way more productive.

Perhaps it’s also because according to my period calendar it’s my time of ovulation and I’m hella horny and masturbatory which makes me wanna relax in bed all day. I hope this confession doesn’t warrant gasps of prudeish protest. I mean I have writer friends who can only write or create naked much like the famous writer Henry Miller.

I suppose this is another reason the Japanese bow instead of shake hands because…

Maybe I’m just in a happy mood or maybe I’ve been seeing too much of Larry Durrell on “The Durrells” or possibly talking to other creatives too much and we tend to talk about everything especially sexual things with no holds barred.

And that sense of freedom is what I love most about being a creative. Perhaps I’m currently experiencing that sense of freedom in my bed typing on my MacBook. The irony is that psychologists say that it’s a sign of depression and ruins productivity but I’m enjoying increased productivity and even following a few exercise videos.

I don’t know man, I’m in a pretty good mood☺️

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