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Traveling Light and Moving Fast

Alexandra Fuller is one of my favorite Zimbabwean-raised authors. One of the reasons is that she recounts in a refreshingly honest way how she grew up in Rhodesia then Zimbabwe. She doesn’t mask over or euphemize the racism of her parents, the racist mentality that she grew up with as a result of that, the mistakes her parents made, her rocky relationship with her sister and everything she experiences in her life including her divorce. Reading her works made me realize that the world is often not as black and white as it appears. Often white African authors try to downplay the effect that racism, colonialism, and denying blacks economic and social-political opportunities have played into the way things are decades later. And before the bigots jump on the bandwagon, Jews are still reeling from the effects of the Holocaust that ended before colonialism and allowed to freely feel the pain of being wrongly discriminated against and killed decades later yet blacks are routinely told to “get over it”.

Well this isn’t about social justice or her latest excellent novel that talks about the death of her father (as someone who’s lost a father it hit hard. But anyway go buy her book it’s awesome), this is about moving as a creative.

I mentioned before in a previous blog from months ago that Lu Sierra mentioned that if a model wants to have a career but isn’t living in one of the major model cities then they are not serious about their career. Same applies to creatives in a different way, if you’re not living at a place that constantly inspires you to create then what are you even doing? We often need to travel light and move fast. Holding on to the expectations of this world is often the death of creativity.

There are environments that make me feel like grabbing a pen and paper (read that as Macbook) as soon as I enter them. Have you ever felt an artistic breathe of fresh air when in a creative space? Like everything that’s been holding you back is suddenly gone and the air feels different and your mind starts to think of all the possibilities and ideas that haven’t been coming out lately.

I suppose this the moment when you all give me the side-eye and tell me about how I was supposed to upload creative cities to live in and I’ve only talked about Paris and Cape Town is far, and then have the audacity to say I’m moving to Strasbourg which I’ve never mentioned before. But one if the essence of being a creative is often moving wherever the muse leads you, so traveling light and moving fast. We need to travel light because all excess baggage leads to creative fog. So for the next few days (maybe😗) I’ll be uploading different creative cities to live and work in that may not be in your radar.

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