Watching “The Durrells” and Falling in Love with “The Corfu Trilogy”😄😁

The library has always been one of my favorite places and a sanctuary for me. So when I transferred to high school when I was fifteen the first thing that I did was look for the library. There was a shrew of a woman who was the receptionist/librarian. The library was the type where you couldn’t take books out so you were made to leave your bag at the front before you entered and could only read inside.

The moment just before Margo gives up on love forever then proceeds to fall in love numerous times more in the series😗💖

It’s quite common to have libraries like that in places where people tend to steal books as well as have the unfortunate dilemma of books being hard to access. So they had measures to make sure that books did not leave the premises. It’s at this library with an unpleasant librarian that I came across “My Family and Other Animals” by Gerald Durrell. I fell in love with the quirky family and a few years ago thought that it would be awesome to have a series made about their time in Corfu. Which happened a year after I had the idea lol. It’s amazing how people can be thinking the same thing as other people across the world.

The Durrells puts details into the Corfu Trilogy that Gerald didn’t put in his books. One must know though that Gerry excluded the darker aspects of Corfu that the series delves into. That makes the series all the more endearing for me. Growing older these Pollyannic, feel-good stories of people with perfect morals that they never stray from and bad people being absolutely bad with no redeemable qualities just make me want to gag. Just put the label “conservative propaganda” why don’t you? But in “The Durrells” the mother has trouble in love and a drinking problem (probably to cope with stress) and nearly marries a closeted gay man who tried to make her his beard ( I should probably write a story about the time I met someone that tried to make me their beard…maybe I’ll submit it to Modern Love column. It might end up on the show lol. Larry is a lot more likable in “The Durrells” and even relatable. He makes me realize how children must see adults when they describe him as in the books he could be quite ridiculous. Larry is possibly my favorite character as he embodies the struggle to be a creative in the entire series. His family ad first doesn’t think it’s “a real job”, he gets accosted for leaving a seemingly stable, respectable job for something as unpredictable as writing but people tend to forget that Larry’s writing often saves the family’s financial situation on more than one occasion but they often conveniently forget that. I mean hit the dart on the target. Who told you to be that relatable? And did I mention that while in England after a relative dies he stays at a creative residence where there’s Henry Miller walking around naked…😗😏…I won’t say much.

It can also be amazing to see how a series expands on a written piece of work. And how storytelling, in general, can go on long after its characters are gone.

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