I got outta bed…

I’ve stopped ovulating and finally had the urge to leave the bed. By the way when I said that I couldn’t leave the bed I was leaving the bed and taking a bath, eating and cleaning, it wasn’t a days wearing the same thing sort of thing. And I feel very refreshed and ready to take on some new challenges albeit the continual antagonism from she who shall not be named.

Everything has been working well for me. And the weather has changed to fit my mood as well. It’s the beginning of summer and the sun against my skin is making me feel good. That reminds of of Mae Martins show “Feel Good” which is one of my all time favorite shows. Which reminds me that…well we’re all mess ups in our own ways and seeking perfection instead of humanity serves no purpose to anyone including ourselves.

Here’s a picture of an unambiguous black woman with kinky hair because you need to see someone beautiful today😗

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