life as a creative

So inspired, creatives making moves

This is one of those “yasss girl” moments🙏🏾

As you probably know I’m not one to feign strength and pretend my moments of weakness and indecision don’t happen. And to be honest as I make this huge leap with my life I feel nervous and can’t help but wonder thousands of scenarios in my mind. And often times as a creative the backlash you receive for also being financially minded can be discouraging. So seeing a creative who decided that they will make a living from their art and persisted through and achieved something as monumental as paying more than $70,000 worth of student debt in less than a year is mind blowing to me. It’s great to know that despite the naysayers who preach the gospel of you shouldn’t look to make money from your art form, there are those that are killing it.

In fact I’m so inspired that I got my own manifesting that I want to do. So check out my Twitter to know which date you should mark.

Is my entry for today really going to be this short? Why yes. Yes it is

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