When you don’t realize that you actually make an impact on people🥲

I hadn’t been on Tapas for a few years. But I had left a story there unfinished. It was a shock to me when I logged into my old account a few weeks ago and in the comments people were telling me how much they loved the story and how it impacted them. One comment got me in particular.

This made me cry a little🥺

Django gave me the inspiration to continue the story that I had left off on Tapas ( hands up if you were there when it was called Tapastic) and also work on the main story that stems from this prequel.

This made me realize that my stories do make an impact and maybe that’s why I have been getting the message that I should concentrate on my writing.

2 thoughts on “When you don’t realize that you actually make an impact on people🥲”

  1. You absolutely have an impact on people, hun 💗

    It’s just that the nature of internet changed so it’s a tad awkward to communicate because so much social media corporations that divides us. But you still write and you don’t let that state of the world get in your way, and your voice is your OWN, hold onto it!

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