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Creative cities: Melbourne, Australia

Australia came into my radar because of Troye Sivan. If you read my green eggs and ham story then you probably know that I love him very much. Load the creepy fangirl music. But Troye introduced me to the beauty of Perth, Australia. Which initially peaked my interest. Then I ended up dating someone who was in love with Melbourne and I also fell in love with it. Even after the relationship fizzled out I still loved the city. In fact the only reason why I’m not living there right now is that the visa process is quite difficult unless you fall under certain categories.

Australia is perfect if you’re into filmmaking and acting in general. So many actors have come from there that are internationally recognized besides Nicole Kidman. One recent one is Maia Mitchell from Good Trouble. Lemme quickly mention before I continue though is that Australia is hard to get a visa for if you you’re coming from third world countries, but super easy to enter if you’re from a first world country. In fact they have a working holiday visa available for many first world travellers that allows them to work on holiday.

Melbourne was voted one of the most livable cities in the world many years in a row. The weather is great, it’s right by the beach and it’s not as populated as Sydney. Melbourne is also a city where many creatives congregate so there will be numerous opportunities to collaborate and help your careers progress.

As I write this I just had a rather hectic day so it’s probably not as detailed as it could be. Maybe I’ll revise this and add more stuff or maybe I won’t. But the good news is that I got my second jab of the vaccine with no side effects so far☺️, which means that I’m now fully vaxxed and able to travel internationally (while following safety precautions of course).

It really is such a beautiful city💗

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