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I Found a Patreon Specifically for Writers!

I came across substack after reading a New York Times Modern Love article about a guy going on a dating show and them trying to anchor it to make him seem like his standards are too high and that’s why he’s single. Which confirms multiple things like “never believe any advice you see on TV. They’ve manipulated everything for it to fit the advice that they want to give and make it seem safe,” and “be yourself and believe whatever the hell you want, people will judge you regardless,”. I also learned that The New York Times has a pay wall for even Covid related articles🙃👀. But that’s not the point. When I read that article I was lead to the writers links and came across his substack page.

Which is blew my mind that there’s a resource out there were you can publish your creative non-fiction and also pitch it to bigger publications. This writer had also written an article for The Guardian.

Fast forward in my usual derp fashion I forgot about Substack until I was trying to find the blog of Mara Wilson. She once acted as Matilda in the movie…Matilda. She once had a blog that I would check up on every once every while but it seemed to just disappear from the web until I found that she was now writing on Substack and that you could subscribe to read her subscriber only articles. That inspired me so much.

I always wondered how my writing could be monetized while writing on my own site. Patreon seemed more of a platform for more visual creators. Now here’s Substack specifically made for writers. My Substack is where I’ll be posting stories from now on. I’m starting to post on Tapas again so if you find my stories on Tapas you’ll have to wait a long time for chapters to come out but the full thing will be available for subscribers on Substack. I’ll also be including audiobook versions of my stories on Substack. Because this girl loves to make her shmoney honey😌😉. And I hope you do too from your creative endeavors.

A Harry Potter joke because they’re always appropriate 😗

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