I Got My Second Jab But I’m Just as Good as An Unvaccinated Person🙃

So apparently France doesn’t recognize non-EMA vaccines except for the Indian one Covishield. That includes Sinopharm and Sinovac. And I’m fully vaccinated with Sinovac😑. Which means that when I arrive besides needing a PCR test I’ll also need to self-isolate for seven days which is a non-requirement for “vaccinated” people. I’ll also need to get the Pfizer or Johnson and Johnson jab to be able to move about without restrictions. So I’m being forced to be double-vaccinated.

How frustrating! Next thing I know they’ll suddenly approve Sinovac after I’ve gotten another vaccine. Why they don’t recognize the Chinese vaccines is beyond me. But anyway, upwards and onwards🤷🏾‍♀️.

Something to make you smile if you’ve also suddenly realized that even though you’re vaxxed, you’re not “vaxxed-vaxxed”

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