Going back on Depo because Kuf Periods

It’s a fact universally known that periods suck😒. Like you think Monday is at the bottom of the list but it’s actually periods. And even worse…periods that start on Monday 😣. Being someone that has suffered from period pains for more than a decade with no real action being done because these conservative cultures demonize everything that relieves a woman. I mean conservative cultures make girls feel like whores for taking contraceptives, keeping condoms in their purse, getting pep smears and taking anything stronger than ibrufen for period pain. I should know, I’ve been suffering from the result I such narrow minded repression for more than a decade.

And the result of not being given a real solution to period pain? Trauma! That’s includes anxiety right before my period starts and depression🙂. Kuf periods man! I had to find solutions for myself and start taking depo-provera so that I would be inhibited by my periods. It was a major deal while working because having blood gushing between my legs always gave me anxiety and as the pain meds would take about an hour to kick in and I would often have to strategically take them just when the worst wave of pain was about to kick in to avoid suffering a lot. I’m sure I mentioned something before about how to even get effective pain meds was a long, harrowing journey on my part or maybe I haven’t so I’ll write about it later.

But I’m going back on depo after a hiatus of a few years. Not being impeded in my life by periods is really important for me and as someone who has autonomy over their body…fuck Texas😒 and all the other bigots who have never experienced the pain and trauma of being a woman and feeling trapped in your body.

The wife is my period

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