Gael: The Glorified, Romanticized Fuckboy

I didn’t manage to finish “Good Trouble” because it was fast becoming a version of “Sex and the City” with the glorification of toxic relationships. And not only toxic relationships but also the misrepresentation of people attracted to more than one gender. Everyone seems to blatantly ignore Gael’s really toxic side because they don’t want to seem racist, biphobic or bigotted in any way. Which presents an even bigger problem that they decided to choose a person of color to play such a problematic character who pulls the race card an uncomfortable number of times.

TV over the years has developed the habit of portraying extremely toxic and unsafe sexual practices and promoting them as freedom of sexual expression. And Gael’s sexual choices are the first issue that I have with him. To be honest the only person I’ve ever seem be responsible about sex is Mary Jane from “Being Mary Jane” who made her sexual partners take STD tests before sleeping with them. My biggest problem with Gael is his careless sex life where we’ve never seen him put on a condom (perhaps they think we’ll assume he put it on), but it’s obvious he doesn’t when he makes Isabella pregnant meaning that he doesn’t even take the precaution with one-night stands. He is literally a walking health hazard and doesn’t take time to think about the consequences of his actions.

That another thing, he doesn’t take into consideration that consequences of his actions and strings along people not considering how they’ll feel at the end of the day. He does that when he is non-committally seeing two people at the same time and he ends up really hurting one of them whom he knew had strong feelings for him. Also getting jealous over Callie, being emotional to the point Callies has to move out of the communal space and then getting in a relationship with her even though he has another woman pregnant…

One thing that I cant argue with though is that Gael is the perfect representation of an artistic man. I know my blog about men in the creative industry rubbed quite a few people the wrong way but many agreed. We love creative guys but hardly any woman (or man or other) wants a purely sexual, non-monogamous, non-committal relationship which is what inevitably Gael is unless they drastically change his character.

This was an opportunity to show a bisexual person in a positive light but instead Gael is a cautionary tale of don’t tread there unless you just want amazing sex that you can’t get emotionally connected to otherwise you’re in for a shitshow.

Gael: so you acknowledge that I fuck good though?

I guess I’m emotional because I don’t have issues with dating/marrying bi guys but anyone would be put off them when the constant message we have bombarded in our faces is that they’re for the streets…or should I say the sheets…

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