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Creative Relationships: Is Anyone Here not for the Streets?

Even though I trash on men in the creative industry quite a lot I have to admit that women creatives aren’t much better (sorry I don’t have enough references for non-binary and other trans identities to bash on them as well🤷🏾‍♀️) I mean alot of us have an endless need for freedom, reject traditional roles, constantly change partners😗, can be quite hedonistic, brew our own beer and don’t commit (alright…i stretched it a bit on the brewing beer part… I haven’t brewed beer before…because I haven’t learned how yet but I make a pretty good gin and tonic and British Shandy).

As compared to non-creative women many have labelled us for the streets. Especially in conservative cultures. I’ve heard it more than once that women in the creative industry are whores. Which is just slut-shaming at the end of the day as women have a right to explore themselves sexually if they want to without everyone sticking their noses into it. But I guess this brings up the question about whether all people in the creative industries are for the streets. And realistically speaking, the streets are fun☺️.

I mean the streets are not domestic and normal and predictable which often kills our creative spark, so when relationships get steady we either end the relationship or end our creative career. But many of us do end up in relationships, some of them even monogam-ish. I’ve noticed that the relationships that work are usually between creative who understand the need for freedom, change and lack of convention. And the worst I’ve seen are often when a creative settles down with a Muggle💀. I remember interviewing a creative who didn’t have a partner that understood their art and you could see that they weren’t in a happy relationship.

My point is…whatever… let’s dance on the streets and celebrate our freedom💗

We have the air of mystery that attracts everyone, but frustrates them in the long-run.

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