Girl Crush: Sissel

Sissel is a Danish lifestyle content creator (because she is not just Youtube) based in Seoul, Korea and one of the first content creators to benefit from Koreas E1 visa targeted at entertainers.

She started off in her teens doing K-beauty videos then moved to Korea and started her career. It’s been so pleasant seeing her blossom and grow up as a creative. One thing she mentioned is that when she moved to Korea she wasn’t even sure that she would be able to make a living from her social media but her management encouraged her to just do it and here she is three years later with a skincare beauty line, a thriving channel and an in demand content creator.

Over the years her content has changed to also reflect where she is in her life which shows that content creators are allowed to mature and change. The greatest thing I’ve learned from Sissel is that when you move to the right location you start to thrive. She literally the embodiment of every creative’s dream…being able to thrive in the environment you want and see a happy future for yourself.

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