Death of the Artist

The water rose to levels that the writer could no longer ignore. Was this purgatory? Water was meant to give and restore life not end it but anything that is left to rise for too long can become deadly. The writer was in a room with no window or door. How they had got there they did not know. They had ignored the water for as long as they could, but now as they looked around they saw that there was no way to escape. Was this the death of another artist?

It is a question that we ask ourselves a lot lately whether the creative of these days are true creative like their predecessors or whether we’re just money-hungry and talentless idiots that are chasing clout and money. After all the creatives of the past were so passionate about their work that many of them died in abject poverty. But can true creativity thrive on a an empty stomach and no roof over one’s head? Is there a balance that we can achieve?

Art for art’s sake

Balance…that’s the reason that I gave up a business a few months ago. It would make money but I felt like I was compromising my writing in order to run it (don’t worry, I didn’t have any workers that would’ve have been affected. I’m not cruel, but it was reaching the stage where I would need to hire people).

I watch the Youtuber Sbu Mpanza and he mentioned that hustle culture has gone too far and that we should be able to make a living off that one thing that we do. And he made sense. We’re stretching ourselves so thin that we never take the time to perfect our art forms. He was right when he said that the one thing that we do should be enough to support us. The whole multiple streams of income thing is getting out of hand.

And that compromises out art because we spend so much of our time stretching ourselves wide that we don’t take the time to dedicate ourselves fully to our art form.

More art for art’s sake

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