Afro ADHD: Going Through a Productive Season

As an unmedicated neurodivergent person I’ve noticed that there are seasons that I go through high levels of productivity, ticking off everything on my daily lists or even weekly lists in one day. During that time depression tends to also be at bay because the people around me are in love with the highly productive and efficient Tanatswa and I thrive on good vibes🤷🏾‍♀️. I think it’s ridiculous to tell people not to care what other people say or think. It affects us for better or for worse. Even though I tend to block out as much hate as possible, I soak in positivity like a dry sponge put underneath a waterfall.

A healthy ADHD Lifestyle for me

And professionally I’m going through one of my highs. Which is both awesome and makes me anxious in the sense that I wonder how long it’ll last. I’m one of the seemingly few women who exhibit the hyperactive part of ADHD as most studies show that women have ADD and it manifests most clearly as being spacey and considered “blonde”, but don’t show large bursts of energy. I’ve always shown large bursts of energy but there tend to be moments when I feel fatigued or my executive dysfunction is on steroids and I get out of bed and quite literally walk in circles for the entire day achieving nothing.

So when these seasons of productivity hit I have to utilize them as fully and as healthily as my body will allow. As someone that unmedicated or should I say not yet medicated (there’s nothing wrong with needing medication) learning to create a system around me that caters for me rather than following neurotypical frameworks that have been embedded into us since we started school I can eventually hit my sweet spot that allows me to function as well or even better than my non-disabled counterparts.

Yes, I’ve reached the point where I can freely call ADHD a disability without hesitation. As a neurodivergent YouTuber educated me, “There’s nothing wrong with being disabled, ” And I guess there’s nothing wrong with one of my symptoms being seasons of extreme productivity and seasons of lack of productivity as long as I’m leading a healthy lifestyle.

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