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After a thirty-day streak of uploading a post daily I needed a break. My blog is one of the things that I love most and something that no matter how long I am away I always feel like coming back to. So I’ve been resting a bit as I honestly didn’t have anything to upload even though I have twenty blog posts in draft that need to be completed lol.

I suppose I need more rest than usual at the moment because of she that will not be named constantly burning me out emotionally, but at least I know that the situation is temporary and I’ll soon be out of it. One of the things that every creative probably has to go through is retaining their passion even in tough situations that drain you emotionally. And our emotions are strongly tied to our ability to create.

I remember reading a fellow creatives Facebook post and they’re brutally honest about the fact that they haven’t been able to create for a long time because of the stressful conditions that they’re under currently in the country ( they recently returned from a Master’s degree in the United Kingdom (not England)) and the fact that they haven’t been able to find paying jobs under their craft but everybody seems to want to have their services for free without consideration for how the creative will use their own resources and time without being given proper compensation. How will they live if they aren’t earning any money to cover things like food, shelter or clothes? Are we still living in a world that people not coming from privileged backgrounds are constantly denied opportunity because it’s unsustainable for them to take on unpaid work? Well actually we are. And that’s why they haven’t been active in the industry for years and only now are starting something again.

Thinking of new things to upload

And that rest is necessary so that we can re-evaluate where we are going with our lives. So I took a few days rest so I could think of some more blog posts to upload.

2 thoughts on “Rest”

  1. I feel so much for you, and I hope you get some rest. Will there be any more Mukbang videos? I think a lot of people would like to see more about Harare because it’s so different for them, and I feel like you’re kinda of an expert. Thought to be fair, I wouldn’t write about my day-to-day life because it’s not special at least to me.

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  2. Sure I’ll make more Mukbang videos. Maybe trying some of the local dishes or my special Shona-fusion recipes. I’m a bit of a diarist so I don’t mind writing and making videos about my day to day. The only issue with videos is that editing can be a long process.


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