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I’ve got an email now🦉

Because I’m a boss girl😎. I was listening to the successful freelance writer Bamidele Onabulasi talk about what makes him successful as a writer and he mentioned that a professional email can make all the difference. Apparently many companies have a filtering system for their emails that filter out free to use emails because important, profitable client’s use professional emails.

He made the point that you can’t demand top dollar for your work when you’re using free things. A professional email is a small investment to make to promote yourself. This applies to more than just writers though. Custom emails just reeks “I’m the hot baller, top dollar”.

So now I have a professional email which costs less than $4 a month, which is basically a gelato cone at the local gelato place here per month to be able to afford way more gelatos than usual. Your email won’t get filtered out as easily and they may be more compelled to answer you.

With a professional email you might be able to live the life of trust fund baby Jamie Ching

2 thoughts on “I’ve got an email now🦉”

  1. A professional email and a professional URL can give one a competitive edge, plus it gives you a certain kind of confidence to back up anything you say.
    I celebrated getting my first professional email by getting custom business cards so now I could look serious and proudly talk shop while engaging with potential people who would invest in my time

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