Lost in Translation

I watched the Japanese movie “Ride or Die” about a week after it came out. It was in English dub although I didn’t realize it until after the movie was over. But I thought that the movie was subpar until I recently had the chance to watch the Japanese version with English subtitles.

I have basic understanding of Japanese because I’m a nerd and watched years of sub anime and a stint of learning Hiragana, Katakana and a smidgeon of Kanji. Although lately I’ve become less of a Puritan when it comes to subs I can’t help but despise most non-animated dubbed series and movies. They lose most of the original meaning and feeling of the native language of the movie/series. Not to mention that the dubbed versions never really match the movement of the actor’s lips.

My first viewing of the new Japanese movie “ Ride or Die” was in English and at the end of about two hours I was thinking about the time I’d wasted and disappointed that Kiko Mizuhara ( who was ninety percent of why I was watching the movie). Then recently I watched it in Japanese and had a completely different experience. The emotions went from being fake to real and the story flowed much better. I actually enjoyed the movie a lot better. It’s uncanny what impact language can have on people even when we can’t fully understand it.

When people don’t like your movie because the English dub is so terrible…

That’s why I preferred BTS when they sang in Korean rather than English. Even though I didn’t know a word of what they’re saying you could feel the message they were conveying, but now that they’re singing in a language that most of the group members don’t understand or speak a lot of the feeling that I used to get from their old songs is gone ( the trap of selling out). I guess it shows that the very essence of creativity can get lost in translation…

I’ll wait for y’all to discover the magic of sub movies

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