Failing to Adult

Failing to Adult

*This is a series that I initially wanted to make into a YouTube series but I really enjoy blogging and feel like I express myself better through writing than through video. I also feel like the audience I get from blogging is of adifferent caliber than what we often find on many social media sites and apps. This is basically a series of stories and life lessons I’ve learned about adulting that I wish someone had told me during my adolescence to prepare me for my twenties*

When I was a teenager I always thought that in adulthood you’d know what to do and how to handle yourself. Subconsciously I thought that there was a switch that could click on that would make me financially responsible and able to handle any situation in a mature and responsible way. Well life after all these years has given me a huge “sike!”. The only thing that automatically switches on when you’re an adult is that fact that if you mess up your parents can legally kick you out and you can be sent to jail for things you used to get away with as a kid.

In fact I can’t help but wonder when the transition to being an adult is? Is it at 18? 21?30? Adulthood is unlike teenagehood where you know you’re a teenager between the ages of thirteen and nineteen. You know that you’re too young to have sex before sixteen because you’re body is not yet developed enough. You know you can’t (legally) drink until you’re 18 (let’s not include America in this). You know what the milestones for each age is because of the abundant information there is online according to each year of your age. But we don’t have that for your fantastical adulthood and we’re left to navigate our stages by ourselves. And when it takes us longer than usual to figure out what we’re doing with no evident guideline a part of going to university which isn’t much of a guideline at all because many people find themselves in the “what the hell is going on?” conundrum with everyone was.

Adulting is so not easy, even when you come from a so-called privileged background. That’s the icing on top. The hardship to adulting doesn’t discriminate unless you come from a family where they’ve pretty much written up your life for you and except you to follow the chosen path. Which is a whole other battle in itself. But one thing that I’ve learned is that when it comes to adulting to be kind to yourself. Be patient with yourself. And if you wonder what the hell am I doing? Well then someone told me that you’re doing things right and growing because only an over-confident narcissist could be so oblivious during this stage in life.

One of my friend’s t-shirts. It just had to be photographed.

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