Blood and Water Season Two🤯

If you thought that the mind blown emoji meant that I loved season two then…blah😝. I liked it😌. If you’ve followed my blog for awhile then you probably know that I hated season one. It was a huge disappointment and not a good representation of South Africa’s excellent entertainment industry. But they’ve actually redeemed themselves in season two.

Them: she’s actually going to say something nice about us for once!

The thing about receiving criticism for your work is that it provides a platform to improve. It’s not an attack on you not matter how brutal the feedback is and if the feedback is followed it can really polish up your work. An example of this are the pilot episodes of “Big Bang Theory”. It’s universally agreed upon that they were terrible and it’s not a surprise that it was not picked up for the season it initially tested for. But the producers took the harsh feedback and improved upon the idea and now we know of the show as one do the greatest in history.

I’m definitely one of those that believe in being polite and not hurting people’s feelings but we can’t expect people who do not know us personally to not be unfiltered in their critique. They have no emotional connection to us and judge from a completely unbiased point of view which is a catalyst to improve.

The first season of Blood and Water was a hot mess. There was just too many stories going on that barely melded together properly, the cast was just…bad at acting. None of them had ever been a main character. It seemed that they were trying to win the Olympics for inclusion at the cost of the show with a polyamorous pan sexual, interracial dating, poor and rich people hanging out, teacher-student relationships, problematic sex scenes and with that going on I still got felt sleepy and got bored. Season two there was a big improvement with there being literally no sex scenes (of which I’m not a prude but using sex to keep a show going rather than a good storyline is a weak and overused tactic) and the storylines flowed a lot better. The acting from the main cast drastically improved. Their speech was more realistic and interactions more authentic. I have to command Zama in particular. Last season I used to roll my eyes every time she said “friend”. This season her words and relationship was much better. Also the drama was toned down and there was a lot more focus on the main storyline. And other stories within the series had to fit into it.

The cinematography and music was great this season. The angles and shots were so much better and helped me get immersed into the story which was something I struggled with in the first season. I barely had to fast-forward most of the episodes and when I did it was because I wanted to know what happened next.

I’m really impressed with the big improvement in the show and actually looking forward to what will happen in season three. I honestly wasn’t expecting much when I began to watch season two and actually delayed because of how hard season one flopped to me. It’s not perfect, it’s probably not even in my top ten…or twenty but I think I might actually be able to re-watch this season two or three times.

Them: so you’re not saying we’re dope but we’re getting there?

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