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Re-engaging with Stage 32

Bonjour, j’espère que vous allez bien. Aujourd’hui, je veux parler de mon réseau social préféré pour les créatif….okay that’s enough French for today lol, don’t worry I haven’t changed to a French blog (yet!) I just wanted to test my writing skills a bit. But in future blog posts I’ll probably have a few posts here and there in French.

On that note what I just said was that today I’m talking about my favorite social media site for creatives, Stage 32. It’s a great place to network with people in different fields of creativity from around the world although there is a larger concentration on film, screenwriting in particular. There are amazing workshops and opportunities to pitch to executive around the world but mostly in Los Angeles . The workshops cost a pretty penny, but in general you get what you invest in.

During the time that I was active on the site my writing improved drastically and I was motivated to work on my screenwriting all the time. It’s perfectly possible to use it without paying for anything. I’m not being cheap but with the number of apps and sites that solicits payments from people it’s important to know whether something is truly worth investing in before quite literally selling your soul (all my money goes to Genshin😋😓😅).

No memes today, so here’s a selfie

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