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Feeling Nostalgic After Watching Blood and Water Season Two

So y’all know that I’m moving to France soon but after watching Blood and Water Season Two I’ve been feeling serious waves of nostalgia. The show is based in my heart-town, Cape Town and seeing so many places that I love on the show made me feel like I was missing home.

It made me reconsider whether I should move to France after all. Or maybe it was me subconsciously projecting my fears of moving to a place much further from Harare.

In general Africa casts a spell on people. You come here and it’s hard to leave. Even Africans who live abroad and succeed abroad always think of ‘returning back home’. But also acknowledging that I’m still young and need to form new memories and experience new things will help me move forward.

A picture of my bestie’s new pet kitten because I love cats😍🥰

4 thoughts on “Feeling Nostalgic After Watching Blood and Water Season Two”

  1. Aw

    I think it’s a different place.

    French people are hard to make friends (you need a friend-group already to penetrate a friend-group where you get to make new friends, so it’s like a Catch-22) with, but then again nobody will scoff at you for being a creative or interested to learn or discuss new things.

    The vibe is a bit sad/depressing (I think most European countries have a bit of a heavy vibe because of all the wars and history) but also there’s no anti-creative/anti-intellectualism push like elsewhere. It’s nothing scary, just be prepared to feel differently than you have back home perhaps.

    But then again you may get a chance to grow as a person and meet people, and even if your initial thing doesn’t fit, you can always re-discover facets that may work better.

    Yeah, it is a completely different place compared to Africa. No such fun vibe, though perhaps you might get to grow intellectually (wisdom) because that sort of thing is valued there.

    As long as you have a foundation where you can build something and get results, both Africa or France might work, though they will surely feel differently and be different experiences. I think you’re an interesting person, you just need a supportive environment to shine.

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    1. I’ve heard of the famous French unfriendliness and it’s Catch-22. I guess when coming from a very friendly place like Africa where people are very welcoming it can feel quite cold. But I’m generally a person that prefers quality friends to quantity even if it takes time to develop the friendships. Some of the best people I’ve met were people I initially thought weren’t friendly.

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    1. Nostalgia to me feels like all the good memories flooding back and making me smile. It makes me feel warm inside but sometimes me makes me feel homesick.

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