Failing to Adult, life as a creative

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The rise of a new sun

Hey guys…sorry for being away for two days….okay okay stop the booing😅. There’s been a lot of developments lately with one being that my business is now officially registered! With that my domain was meant to renew in January but due to circumstances that were in my control but I’m too chaotic to plan ahead sometimes I had to cancel my subscriptions.

Anyway the publishing side of my company is called ‘Wots on Your Mind’. So switching from .com to .co is indicative of the growth that I’m experiencing in my career…that’s a cover up for me saying that I’m bad at planning sometimes 😅. By the way “Happy New Year!” To everyone that survived the various variants of Covid-19 (fuck this disease honestly) , I hope you many more years of life and that G*d may bless you and keep you and cause his face to shine upon you time and again and again💗. Life is such a short and fragile thing no matter how long we live so while we’re here let’s pursue love💝

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