Covid for Christmas Part One

For December I had a big helping of da vid…da rona…I got hit by the panoramic after surviving nearly two years without showing severe symptoms…then bing bang and thank you ma’am here it was attacking me like I owed it money. It started on a Friday. I had gone out and the harbingers were beginning to show. I went to a fast food place called Chicken Inn and ordered myself a chicken burger and fries. I’ve never been someone that throws up easily unless I eat something bad or am having period pain so I thought initially that there was something wrong with the food, what I didn’t know was that it was a symptom.

Covid is a new disease in humans and there still isn’t enough information about how it might manifest. So instead of not being able to taste anything…I was feeling nauseated everytime I ate or drank something. By Monday it was really bad. My body was alternating between being very hot and very cold. The heat in my body was a result there being too much mucus build-up in my body which was disrupting the flow of oxygen making it hard for me to breath, that was what caused by body to get cold. But my body was also fighting a virus which meant immune system was working overtime to get me well causing my body to over heat at the same time.

Just to clarify I did not get tested for Covid but I knew that I had it. I remember a nurse telling me that I did not have Covid before and I couldn’t be sure unless I was tested…but bitch please I have been alive for twenty-six years and know how I get sick so if I’m showing signs in the middle of a pandemic that i have never shown before in the middle of a pandemic with a disease that in some cases evades detection then I know what I am bloody well talking about!

I was lying in my blankets, sweating, cold, hot and struggling to breathe. I struggled to breathe from the word go. I was sniffing Eucalyptus essential oil like it was glue or weed or something. I fortunately had had enough foresight to buy a steaming machine (Although I think it’s main function previously had been for beauty purposes I believe). The devil was trying to finish me though because electricity was going for most of the day during that time so many times I needed to steam but couldn’t boil the water. It was tough and honestly the thing that saved me was prayer. There were times that I would feel like my soul was leaving me and I would pray and pray and my temperature would regulate enough for me to sleep and I would wake up in a better state than how I had fallen asleep. Y’all know that I don’t believe in hyper-religiosity, but when God saved you God saves you. I didn’t have any support really when I was sick so there must have been an angel by my side…

….to be continued…

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