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Valentining by Yourself🥂

This Valentine’s as usual I was by myself. But I was perfectly happy going about my business because jealousy and envy are ugly emotions. There was a time when I wished I had someone to take me out and spoil me on the day of love. But then I realized that my desire was a reflection that I was hanging around the wrong people that didn’t appreciate things like that and two that I could do everything for myself that I wanted a guy to do for me for years.

The I love myself so imma take a deep breathe of air through the window

Honestly I feel it’s really sad feeling like you have to compensate for a day that is or isn’t meant for you. This Valentine’s I just chilled because why bother? Why should I go to extravagant lengths to compete with couples? When I’m in a relationship that’s when I’ll Valentine. I don’t even need to do the excessive ‘love yourself’ shit that those without a Valentine’s try to sell.

Honestly other people’s joy shouldn’t make me upset. Of course I might be jealous but at the end of the day at different points in life we either have or don’t have. Lol, I once saw someone call it “Singles Awareness Day”…as though you’re not aware you’re single the other 364 days of the year. Like seriously though….

More cheesy love yourself photos
My dark humor coming out

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