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Content Mills are Trash

So once again I have been permanently banned from another content mill😎. I’m flexing because I didn’t have to take illicit drugs or burn down a building to do it😉.

Now before you begin to think of me as some wayward deviant…I did the unpardonable sin on content mills apparently and created multiple accounts. Now let me clarify. I found out about these content mills years ago before anyone else really knew them. I was still a teenager and at that time in my life I created accounts everywhere and promptly forgot about them.

Fast forward to when I actually want to consistently find freelance work and Upwork had re-branded. I opened an account and started applying for as many jobs as possible. That’s when I got banned for the first time. I was banned because no one was choosing me for work and they only wanted profitable people on their content mill. I thought that was very immature and uncalled for because I had been on the website for less than a week let alone a month. So recently some friends of mine were telling me that they’re making some extra income on Upwork so I tried making a new account. Everything seemed handy dandy and fine, in fact the website seemed to have improved a lot…until I was blocked and permanently banned again because they detected that it was me.

Now it’s true that you Upwork has some good jobs and there are people who earn more than a thousand dollars a month through jobs on Upwork. So my complaint is not the usual there’s no money on content mills complaint. It’s that if there’s an issue with your account they just permanently ban you without giving you a chance to defend yourself. This is dangerous because if they could ban me for something so petty then there are probably a lot of other petty reasons to get banned for no good reason. So what would have happened if I had money on my account and I can’t even contest banning?

And Upwork is not the only content mill that has blocked me, hello Fiverr. I remember when Fiverr first started out they would pretty much bribe you to join so I opened an account as a kid and forgot about it. Once again fast forward and I open another account to seriously start working now and I’m banned again.

When you initially heard that I was banned you must have thought that I had done something really terrible like sending unsolicited porn to innocent strangers. But I’m just revealing something dark and dangerous about content mills. That if there’s ever an issue with your account they just ban you and don’t give you a chance to contest so while you might make money…one day you might be locked out of an account with thousands of dollars. That also reveals that they’re not there for the freelancers but for the money they get from the businesses that use them. Another capitalist preying on the vulnerable working class…

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