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Why Moving Back Home is a Bad Idea

One of the reasons that we’re all addicted to Tiktok is because it’s become the platform where everyone is brutally honest.

One of the things that I believe should be a right of passage in adulthood is moving out. I listened to a podcast by TroyceTV about how he moved out and it inspired me, but there’s also the reality that Troyce lives in America where finding a job is significantly easier than in Africa. I mean even minimum wage jobs make you able to pay rent. While in Africa you need a job on top of a job even if you’re a skilled worker in some circumstances. That makes it a lot harder to branch out on your own, but the reality is that when you’re an individual in the world you have to make your own way. One of the reasons is that if anything happens to the person or people that take care of you, what will you do? As someone who already lost one parent unexpectedly, that reality has been playing in my mind since I was thirteen years old. Economy be damned, at the end of the day, we’re all alone in this world.

The first time I lived alone…younger Tana was a wild mess and a daredevil. I swear that my guardian angel must’ve been claiming overtime with me. I ventured everywhere even if it scared the shit out of me, drank everything…did not take drugs because I’m a good child…and tried everything…except dangerous unprotected sex because even until now my worst nightmares are STDs and unplanned pregnancies, but it taught me a lot…like it’s not a wise idea to spend all on your food money on takeaway and delivery before you’ve purchased groceries..Basically, it’s the life that most African parents keep their daughters at home for to stop them from basically doing exactly all that. But it was necessary.

The problem is that when shit hits the fan and you move back home. Many people report moving out after moving back home the second time is way harder than moving out the first time…especially if you’re a girl from a strict family. It works hard against your mental health and to be honest…parents will be acting clownish as hell. Many wish they had weathered out the tough season even and not moved back with their parents because it works hard against their mental health, so unless you’re on the verge of homelessness(like I was) then it’s better to be an adult and make a plan.

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