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Funny Things that Happen on Zoom

If y’all didn’t know by now…I’m African. And Africa has its own set of rules that the rest of the world might not get and our own sense of humor that borders on ludicrous. So I was having a Zoom meeting for work and it was one of those discussions where they are doing housekeeping when I saw how hilarious we can be.

You sometimes meet people with this mentality

A little fact about me is that I write positive stories about Africa and Africans with an agency. We have weekly meetings where we do a little housekeeping and things like that. This meeting was happening close to the end of the month when payments were about to be made for published articles. A lady from Nigeria spoke up in the meeting and was like “I’m very broke! When are we being paid?” (cue that Nigerian “why are you running” accent) and I burst out laughing. In fact I was laughing for the rest of the meeting which made it a good thing that my video and audio were off. It’s just one of those moments that makes being a creative and working remotely interesting.

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